Wednesday, November 16, 2016


After work we drove up to the Black Hills just outside of Edgemont to find a quick camp spot so we could start the Mickelson Trail bright and early.  The plan: ride, and see new things.

 Camp the first night under a nearly full Super Moon.

 The start of the Mickelson.  Fully loaded and ready to roll.

 The trail quickly separates from any roads and leads into the Black Hills.

 As we neared Custer there was more and more exposed granite.  The November sun was casting long shadows.

 Taking it all in.

We had planned to camp out each night, but the weather was a solid 10 degrees colder than we had planned. So after riding to the top of the climb to the north of Hill City we made the wise decision to turn around and head back into town and get a hotel room.

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